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The rhythm of SwingSound is based on data obtained from years of research. Study results show that all good golfers share a common and consistent rhythm when they swing the club. SwingSound recreates that rhythm in audible form so that you can easily incorporate it into your swing. Simply swing the golf club in cadence with the SwingSound and you too will have rhythmical consistency.


Marius Filmalter is a professional golf instructor, inventor and research scientist. A native South African, Marius moved to Germany in the early eighties where he was the Director of Instruction at Beuerberg Golf Club, just outside Munich. Along with teaching and course management, Marius began his research on the yips.

Audible Technology
to Master your
Golf Performance

SwingSound is the ultimate app to establish your swing tempo and master your golf performance. Take a look at all the features and discover how to calibrate your rhythm.

SwingSound Features

Used with wireless earphones, SwingSound becomes an integrated wearable system ready to assist you on the putting green, practice range and golf course.

Through decades of research, we established that golfers swing the putter close to a 2:1 ratio and the driver more than a 3:1 ratio. SwingSound has emulated these different ratios. With our sound engineers, we created sounds that will motivate you to swing the club in the correct ratio.

We swing the Driver and Putter at different speeds. We offer SwingSound for both. Choose your own individual rhythm whether swinging the Driver or Putter.

Some people walk quick, others leisurely. The same applies to the golf swing, we all swing the clubs at different speeds.

Choose your own pace, the speed in which you want to swing. SwingSound has 7 options, one of them will be ideal for you.

Featured on ESPN’s Charlie EPPS Golf Show

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SwingSound is simple, intuitive, and easy to use.




And just by the way

“Running cadence has lately received increased attention in research and the media, because it’s associated with increased speed, improved endurance, and decreased risk of injury. Understanding your running cadence can help you decrease fatigue so you can run longer. What’s more, improving your running cadence may help lead to a more enjoyable and easier running experience — and keep you running for a long time to come.” This article translates directly to golf!

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Custom Rhythm

Allow us to create your own custom melody to find your rhythm


Listen to the Swing Sound audio and swing the club to the two tone rhythm of the sound. There are two clicking sounds in between each full sequence of the swing sound. Start your back swing to the first tone which is slower(and sounds longer) and the forward swing to the second tone which is quicker(and sounds shorter)
Listen to the different speeds. Speed one is slow and speed seven is quick. Choose one that you like and then try swinging your putter or driver to that speed. If your swing feels rushed, change to a slower speed. Continue adjusting until you find your sweet spot. Choose the one that feels most comfortable to you and STICK WITH IT.
Practice like you play. We often practice well and then we cannot play well on the golf course. It’s not because your swing has changed. It’s because your rhythm has changed. In most cases, the rhythm is quicker on the golf course. Practicing and playing with the same rhythm will ensure consistent results.
Yes. The same rhythm is crucial for controlling distance. For a longer putt, the putter needs to travel further but in the same time(rhythm). Therefore, you need to swing the putter quicker which results in higher club head speed, resulting in more distance.
A metronome ticks in a 1:1 ratio. In other words, it takes the same time going back and coming forward. Swing Sound has a different ratio between the back and forward swing. For putting, the ideal ratio is 2:1, which means the back swing takes double the time of the forward swing to impact. The back swing is slow and the forward swing is quicker, whereas with the metronome they would be equal. For the full swing the ideal ratio is 3:1.
There is no ideal tempo. Some people swing leisurely and others briskly. Listen to the slowest setting (speed 1) and then to the fastest setting(speed 7). Then select the speed in the middle(speed 4) and swing the club to that rhythm. Adjust the speed either slower or faster according to your preference. Once you find your ideal speed, stick to it to build consistency.
Listen to Swing Sound as often as possible even if you are not practicing. Take a minute during your day whether it be at home, at work, or driving in your car and just listen to Swing Sound. Repeat that as often as possible.
Yes, no matter what level you are at, Swing Sound will help you have a more consistent swing.
It makes the movement more repeatable and therefore easier to control the distance and direction the ball travels.
With good rhythm, movements flow. It’s not forced. The less force you use, the most accurate and consistent your movement will be. Excessive force will disturb the natural flow of the swing and the club. You eliminate excessive force by swinging in rhythm.

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