Blonds have more fun? Brooks Koepka debuts new look in the midst of Farmers Insurance Open

Blonds have more fun? Brooks Koepka debuts new look in the midst of Farmers Insurance Open

The 2000s called and they love what Brooks Koepka has done to his hair. If blonds do, in fact, have more fun, Koepka will soon find out.

The four-time major champion debuted a new look on Wednesday with a little help from his barber and Eminem’s 2000 hit “The Real Slim Shady.”

In a video posted to his social media accounts, Koepka can be seen transforming from his traditional brunette aesthetic to hair that would make Nick Carter (if you don’t know who the “Backstreet Boys” are, you’re too young for this story) envious.

Koepka’s bleached blond tresses come on the heels of a telling yet previously unexplained Twitter avatar change.

In the throwback picture from a time when Sun-In usage ran rampant, a young Koepka can be seen rocking equally Draco Malfoy-esque frosted tips.

His shirt collar must have been blocking his puka-shell necklace.

If you watched the 31-year-old shoot a 2 under on the North Course in the first round of the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines on Wednesday you might have already caught a glimpse of Koepka’s lighter look prior to the big social media reveal.

But if you were hoping for a nuanced backstory of how the change came about because the golfer thought blond hair would help his swing, you’re out of luck.

“My barber has been wanting to do it for a while, so I told him I’d do it,” Koepka told Golf Channel. “Wasn’t much behind it other than we were just messing around.”

As for whether Koepka’s new hair has staying power? Not likely.

“Probably won’t last until the wedding,” said Koepka, who is marrying actress Jena Sims in June. “Hopefully it’s out by then. If it was still in there, I think Jena would kill me.”

Koepka might also need to return to his brunette roots to stave off further confusion.

On Thursday, when he returned for the second round of play at Torrey Pines, he was mistakenly introduced as “Bruce” on the first tee.

Let the “Brucey!” chants commence.

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