FIRST LOOK: Cobra's LTDx and LTDx single-length irons

FIRST LOOK: Cobra's LTDx and LTDx single-length irons
Cobra LTDx irons

There’s a lot of technology sitting inside that pretty, silver clubhead.

Courtesy of Cobra

There are many reasons why amateur golfers will look for a set of new irons to match their games. There’s always the hope for more speed, more distance, improved accuracy or feel. But for club manufacturers, the act of addressing one performance characteristic sometimes comes at a cost of addressing another.

With its newly launched LTDx irons, though, Cobra believes the technology within can address all of those elements at once. That implies a lot of tech, right? Absolutely.

The LTDx irons and its one-length sister set rely on a combination of its PWRSHELL clubhead cup and PWR-COR weighting to improve upon past models’ distance, feel and speed — all at once. PWRSHELL is bigger in 2022, wrapping further beneath the club’s inner tech, which allows for a more efficient energy transfer during contact.

From there, PWR-COR technology takes over with an interior steel bar that is pushed forward toward the face and floats within a polymer filler. More weight, lower and closer to the face means higher launching shots and more distance. The filler helps dampen vibrations and keep shots not only feeling crisp but also sounding crisp.


More weight, lower and closer to the face means higher launching shots and greater distance.

Courtesy of Cobra

Together, Cobra says, the improvements have resulted in a 9% increase in MOI (compared to previous models) for greater forgiveness across the clubhead, and a 5% increase in deflection compared to 2021’s RADSPEED irons. The more flexible the face, the more the ball will launch off it — all of it. During its robot testing, Cobra saw its LTDx 7-irons increase in ball speed, and therefore distance, on every part of the clubface, which is beneficial for amateurs who don’t hit the sweet spot every time.

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Cobra LTDx irons

Pre-order the new Cobra LTDx irons through Fairway Jockey.


For players who want to tinker with and dial in the weight of their iron heads, there’s a weight-adjustment system in the toe of the club via screw-able titanium, steel and tungsten weights.

Cobra’s LTDx lineup will be offered in steel-shafted sets of 4i-PW and 5i-GW in both the multi- and single-length varieties. The clubs will be available for pre-order Jan. 19, and at retail Feb. 11.

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