FIRST LOOK: XXIO X drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons

FIRST LOOK: XXIO X drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons
xxio x 2022 lineup

XXIO X is designed for the better player.


Lightweight golf clubs have usually been reserved for slower swing speed golfers in need of speed and launch. A lightweight head and shaft can generate added distance, but for those on the better end of the handicap spectrum, the combination might not be the best fit for their game, particularly when it comes to optimizing launch and spin characteristics.

It’s one of the main reasons why XXIO introduced an X line of products.

“XXIO X has the DNA of every XXIO product – lightweight and easy to swing,” said Brian Schielke, XXIO’s general manager. “However, it’s tuned to the more accomplished player. More compact irons, lower spinning woods, and stiffer shafts make X a great choice for better players looking to increase their speed and experience the benefits of XXIO.”


effectively transfer energy into the ball at impact


The X driver ($699.99), fairway wood ($399.99) and hybrid ($299.99) are built around XXIO’s ActivWing airfoil — an aerodynamic design that disrupts the “aerodynamic forces” on the first half of the downswing, allowing the head to gather speed prior to impact. Four alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones — called the “Rebound Frame” — and a new flat cup face design aim to expand the sweet spot for a higher level of forgiveness across the entire structure.

As opposed to continuing on with a feathery head and shaft, XXIO chose to shake up the standard lightweight package by pairing a heavier overall head weight with a lightweight shaft that delivers more force when the ball and face collide. Additional mass was placed underneath the butt end of the grip to produce a counterbalance feel that’s designed to make the club feel more stable, while also improving control.


The X irons feature a high-strength steel face plate, laser micro milling for optimal spin consistency.


The compact, cavity-back X iron ($199.99 steel; $224.99 graphite) is built for the better player with a thin, high-strength steel faceplate and laser micro-milling between the grooves to dial-in spin consistency.

Deep etched grooves on the interior of the iron body add another layer of speed by allowing the body to flex more effectively. And speaking of grooves, loft-specific grooves can be found on each head to optimize launch conditions. With turf interaction being a top priority for the better player, a v-shaped sole was added to keep the head from digging into the ground through impact.

The entire XXIO X lineup will be available at retail on Feb. 11.

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