How this influencer is using her platform to get more women into golf

How this influencer is using her platform to get more women into golf

The Jazzy Golfer announced today the creation of UK Women’s Golf Community.

The Jazzy Golfer

When I sat down last summer to interview popular women’s golf presenter and influencer The Jazzy Golfer, we talked about everything a standard profile should cover. We chatted about her beginnings in golf (“I was treated like a second-class citizen”), how she got hooked on the game (one well-struck pitching wedge), and why she decided to chronicle her journey through social media (“It started as a passion project, to be honest”).

As we wrapped up our chat, I asked one final question to put a bow on the interview — what are your goals for the future?

“I want to continue to shed a light on the women’s game,” she said. “And I want to make tangible change for women in golf to show them that this is a sport for them.”

Six months later, that vision is coming to fruition.

Jazzy announced today the creation of the UK Women’s Golf Community, intended to bring women’s golfers together through local meetups at venues across the UK. The goal of these meetups — curated through their Instagram page and Facebook group — is to not only allow women to improve their golf games, but also meet like-minded women interested in the sport.

The strategy of the UK Women’s Golf Community is to bring women’s golfers together through local meetups.

The Jazzy Golfer

The community is similar to women’s golf meetup communities in the U.S. like Grueter Golf and Fore the Ladies, both of whom Jazzy has taken guidance and support from in launching this project. The need for such a community in the UK came to Jazzy’s attention as she (and others) had little luck when attempting to find women to play golf with in an increasingly digital society — an issue that was exacerbated during the pandemic.

“As golf has had a massive surge of women playing in the pandemic, now seemed like the perfect time to address this issue,” Jazzy said. “I hope this community can bring women together in our sport, introduce new people to our sport and keep women playing our sport.”

The community went through a trial phase last fall run by Jazzy and fellow women’s golfer Carly Cox, and thanks to its success, is launching in 2022 with an ambitious schedule of meetups planned.

“After hosting our first two events it was clear to see there was an appetite for this community,” Jazzy said. “I’ve never ever seen that many women and girls at a driving range before. It was so powerful to see and be a part of.”

Along with Jazzy and Cox, the UK Women’s Golf Community has the support of over 40 women in the golf industry, including former LET pros Sophie Walker and Inci Mehmet, as the community tries to further its mission of bringing more women into the sport and supporting existing female golfers.

“I just want to show people — especially people who have perhaps been excluded from golf — that golf is a sport for them,” Jazzy told me last summer. “Golf is for everyone, and we all need to come together to make real change.”

Consider this a tangible step in that direction.

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