Morikawa, Scott joining virtual TGL golf league

Morikawa, Scott joining virtual TGL golf league

PGA Tour players Collin Morikawa and Adam Scott have been added to the roster of players in the TGL golf league started by Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Mike McCarley.

The league will feature six teams of three PGA Tour players that will showcase team competitions on a virtual golf course in a tech-infused arena. Morikawa and Scott join Woods, McIlroy, Justin Thomas and Jon Rahm as the current lineup of featured players.

“During my amateur and collegiate golf career, I loved team play and the added energy it brought to my game — especially in match play. That has only been elevated with the opportunities I have had to represent the U.S. in the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup, and I am looking forward to being a part of a TGL team next year as well,” Morikawa said in a statement. “Beyond that, I think the design of TGL to provide sports fans the world’s best in a weekly, primetime golf competition, from start-to-end in only two hours, will appeal to a broader spectrum of casual golf fans and introduce our sport to younger fans.”

The league, partnered with the PGA Tour, will begin in January 2024 and will play in prime time on Monday nights. It will consist of 15 regular-season matches, followed by semifinals and finals, and will be played in a virtual venue in front of a live audience.

Woods, McIlroy and McCarley announced in August the formation of TMRW Sports, which will run the TGL league and worked with the PGA Tour to create the idea.

As the PGA Tour continues to evolve and adapt to new strategies for its players, the TGL league will provide the 18 tour players an opportunity to earn more money while committing to only two hours of play each week.

“As professional golf continues to evolve, I am excited to play a part in its future for golfers and fans alike,” Scott said in a statement. “Therefore, I am excited to compete within TGL and look forward to sharing the stage in the new Palm Beach venue with my fellow teammates and competitors.”

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