Rogers Report: A PGA Tour wedding, a football-golf crossover and a golf Twitter war for the ages

Rogers Report: A PGA Tour wedding, a football-golf crossover and a golf Twitter war for the ages
Kevin Na and Grayson Murray got into it on Twitter over the weekend

Kevin Na and Grayson Murray got into it on Twitter over the weekend

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Hello friends! It’s time for another edition of the Rogers Report. I’m feeling really good this week because I’m officially on the way to becoming a Football Gal™️. I grew up “watching” the Patriots and Boston College football, but never really paid attention. Last week, I made it my goal to finally start to understand the game, and to my pleasant surprise, there has been quite some overlap between football and golf. Honestly, the whole thing reminds me of those Disney Channel crossover episodes I obsessed over as a kid! So let’s get right into it.

Georgia golf alums celebrate the National Championship

When I think of college golf powerhouses, I think of the recent NCAA Championship winners: Stanford, Oklahoma State, etc. It’s not until photos like these appear on my social media feed that I remember the absolute DEPTH of the Georgia Bulldogs’ PGA Tour roster.

We’ve got the second and third place Sony Open finishers in this very photo, as well as Hudson Swafford, Keith Mitchell, Brian Harman and Harris English. Honorable mention to all of them for committing to golf’s official off-course golf uniform: khaki shorts and sneakers.

A PGA Tour wedding

Keith Mitchell got two birds with one stone on his trip to Hawaii. He got married AND played in the Sony Open. Keith married Claire Watson on the beach in Hawaii, and these are the only photos I’ve come across from the event. Between his T-7 finish at the Sony, Georgia winning the national title, and marrying the love of his life, we’re guessing it was a good week to be Keith Mitchell. Congrats to the happy couple!


Keith Mitchell’s Hawaii wedding

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Golf Twitter Drama!

A LOT happened on Twitter this week, and I’m breaking the main event into three acts to help you follow along. (Side note: if you are not on Twitter, you absolutely need to be. It’s where personalities shine, jokes are made and drama ensues.)

I. Grayson Murray and Kevin Na go at it

Kevin Na’s pace on the greens has been a point of discussion in the past, but it came up again after this photo of his playing partner Talor Gooch waiting on him at the Sony Open starting making the rounds on Twitter.

Next up, Grayson Murray Tweeted about it. And Na didn’t hold back in his reply.

II. The conversation continues, others get involved, Murray doubles down

The beautiful (or horrible) thing about Twitter is that anyone can chime into a conversation at just about any time. Take Ben An, for instance.

And then Colt Knost.

III. Na discusses it all on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio

Here’s what Na had to say:

“I had an idea people were going to laugh, because when I tweeted it, my caddie Kenny Harms was texting me, I said, ‘Look at this idiot.’ I said, ‘Watch this,’ and I showed him, he was laughing pretty hard. It was amazing how many players and caddies came up to me and complimented me, not on my round, about my tweet. I’ve had some big boys telling me how good it was. Even Brooks messaged me. Brooks Koepka messaged me saying how good of a tweet that was.Somebody mentioned oh, is this [like] the duel you had with Bryson and Brooks? First of all, [Murray’s] not even on Tour. You have to be somebody to make this worthwhile or make money out of this match. I mean, I can barely create a buzz — barely. I’m not a major-winner. I’m just a maybe above-average player on Tour. And who’s this guy? Nobody cares. That’s the sad part.”


Did Deebo Samuel wear a Tiger Woods mock neck under his jersey on Sunday evening? An in-depth analysis:

The following post blew up on Twitter on Sunday evening when TWLegion grabbed a screenshot of what appeared to be a Tiger Woods mock neck under Deebo Samuel’s jersey.

But truthfully, that grainy image wasn’t enough proof. I zoomed and zoomed on that photo and, as much as I wanted to see the TW logo, I just didn’t. I needed more proof. So I did what any social media manager would do on a Sunday night and looked on Getty Images. Still no luck. Most of Deebo’s photos from the game were face-on. But I wasn’t giving up. I took my talents to his tagged photos on Instagram. Enter River Cracraft, who I’d like to thank for tagging his teammate in the following photo. (Sidebar: It’s amazing how quickly one can go from ‘learning football’ to ‘introducing a football player named River Cracraft to an audience of golf fans.’)

Ah-ha! Finally, a clearer image. I took the liberty of zooming in here as well and went from being like, 10% convinced that it was a Tiger Woods mock neck to about 50% sure. (It’s not perfect, but hey, it’s something!)

I also learned that both Tiger and Deebo are signed with Excel Sports Management, so it wouldn’t be too much of a reach for the 49ers wide receiver to be sporting the shirt. Of course, I promise to update you all on this very pressing issue if any more information becomes available.

That’s all I’ve got for this week, folks. I’m looking forward to my sleep schedule improving at the Tour moves from Hawaii to California this week — hopefully setting the stage for more appropriately timed Twitter drama. Until next week!

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