Who does Kevin Kisner like to win money from? Charley Hoffman. And Jordan Spieth.

Who does Kevin Kisner like to win money from? Charley Hoffman. And Jordan Spieth.

They play only on special occasions now. Even Tuesday cash games on the PGA Tour can’t win a second or two from the pocket of Father Time. 

“I don’t really play on Tuesdays anymore, to be honest with you,” Kevin Kisner said. “I play the pro-am, and that’s about it. I always like to play with the young guys — they’re not young anymore. Jordan [Spieth], JT [Justin Thomas] and Rickie [Fowler], I love playing with them. I love playing with GW [Gary Woodland]

“But, s – – -, nobody really plays anymore. We’re f – – – – – g old — that’s what sucks. We used to all like go play, and now it’s like, no, my back hurts, I’m going to wait on the pro-am. Or I’m not flying in till Tuesday night. Or yeah, I’ve been there 100 times. I mean, we play in the majors, and that’s about it.” 

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James Colgan

But when they do get together, they get their money’s worth. Not to mention each other’s money. Which begged this important question from Drew Stoltz, co-host of GOLF’s Subpar podcast, where Kisner appeared as a guest on this week’s episode:

“Who’s the guy you enjoy taking money, though, from if you do play a money game?” Stoltz said. “The guy he hands you a 100 bucks, 20 bucks, whatever it is. Who’s the guy you get the most satisfaction from taking it from?”

Kisner answered as quickly as the player in question apparently pays up slowly. 


“Yeah, he’s got a couple hundos to give. He’ll be all right,” Stoltz said.  

“Yeah, but he’s so sketchy about it,” Kisner said. “Like he never wants to pay on time. But if he wins, he wants his cash right then.” 

“Yeah, I know a few of those guys,” Stoltz said.  

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James Colgan

“We can start spreading that word. Jordan, pay your debts, bud,” said Colt Knost, Subpar’s other co-host. 

Knost then brought up Charley Hoffman, who he said would have been his guess. 

“Oh, god, that’s a good one,” Kisner said. “I didn’t think about that. I would probably actually put Charley in front of Jordan, now that you mention that.” 

“Yeah, he’s the best because he …” Knost said. 

“I play all the time with Charley, and he’s hilarious, man,” Kisner said. 

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